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We are proud to provide complete solutions for smart and accessible environments.

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Systems for Visually Impaired and Blind People

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Research & Development

Our team members have over ten years of R&D experience. We have strong scientific background and we love to invent!

IoT Integration

We have experience in acquiring data from sensors, data transmission, aggregation and presentation in a form of a web service.


We have equipment, software and experience necessary to develop electronic devices, especially communication modules.


See our history and our projects

  • 2010 | Our Beginnings

    Royal Route guide for visually impaired and blind people

    In 2010 we developed a mobile navigation system for visually impaired and blind people. It has been deployed in the historical Royal Route in Cracow.

  • 2011 | Public transport

    Passenger information system for visually impaired and blind people

    Passenger information system allows blind people to get quick information about departures and arrivals of public transport means. The system has been tested in two Polish cities.

  • 2012 | Mobile Guides

    Guides for museums

    We developed several guides for mobile devices for museums and tourism companies. We are using QR codes, radio tags, and geolocation to provide contextual information in a form of audio description. One of the guides has been deployed in Historical Museum of Cracow in Kamienica Hipolitów.
    Deployments: Historical Museum in Cracow
    Museum of Municipal Engineering in Cracow
    Museum Dulag 121 in Pruszków
    Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experience
    Jordan Group

  • 2012 | Image processing

    Software for yarn structure reconstruction for stress analysis

    We cooperate also with scientific institutions. For one of them we developed a computer program that analyses a set of images to provide a computational model of yarn structure that can be then analysed in Ansys engineering program.
    Customer: Lodz University of Technology

  • 2013 | Monitoring Systems

    Traffic Lights Monitoring System

    The system has been successufly deployed in the City of Cracow. Over one hundred traffic lights controllers are continuously monitored. The complete solution consists of dedicated hardware installed in traffic lights cabinets, an application for mobile devices and a web application.
    Deployment for: Zarząd Infrastruktury Komunalnej i Transportu w Krakowie

  • 2014 | Buildings Automation

    KNX / IP gateway

    We developed a KNX/IP gateway for home automation applications. It is equipped with a color display and has a build-in parser and interpreter of simple control routines.
    Customer: Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster

  • 2015 | Research & Development

    Energy efficient electric kettle

    We designed an energy-efficient electric kettle.

  • 2016 | Production Control

    Kanban system

    "Proven solutions in modern form" - this is the definition our production management platform that uses Kanban methodology. It optimizes the storage space, improves delegation of tasks and improves communication. It uses wearable technologies to provide up-to-date information to the workers.

  • 2016 | Research & Development

    PCB Thermal Expansion Simulation Tool

    Soldering might be a challenging technological process. Our tool allows to simulate thermal expansion of a PCB with different patterns of copper layer.

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